Why Did Jesus Come to Earth? Understanding His Mission

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The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated by Christians around the world as a miraculous event that changed the course of human history. But why did Jesus come to Earth in the first place?

According to the Bible, Jesus came to earth to save humanity from sin and reconcile us with God.

In this article, we’ll explore the theological and historical context surrounding Jesus’ birth and examine the significance of his life and teachings. Join us as we delve into the question of why Jesus came to earth and what it means for us today.

Bible Teachings About The Coming of Jesus

The Coming of Jesus

The story of Jesus’ life and His ministry is told in the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

According to the Gospels, Jesus was born in Bethlehem in a family of a Jewish couple, Mary and Joseph. He grew up in the small town of Nazareth and began his public ministry around the age of 30.

During His ministry, He taught, preached the true faith, healed ill people, and performed many miracles.

Jesus taught people about the coming of the Kingdom of God, which He described as a Kingdom of peace and justice. He often showed power and compassion, because of which many people believed that He is the Messiah.

However, there were also many people who didn’t accept Jesus. He often faced opposition from religious leaders. Jesus showed their hypocrisy and because of this, they were threatened by His teachings and popularity.

In the end, He was arrested because of them, tried, and sentenced to death by crucifixion.

After Jesus’ death, He was resurrected from the dead three days later, showing the whole world that He is God. 

Salvation And Redemption

Salvation And Redemption

After reading about everything that Jesus has done on Earth, we can wonder why He came here. The first reason is our salvation and redemption, which wouldn’t appear on their own without Jesus.

Before Jesus came to Earth humans were pretty much separated from God because of their hurt nature which often becomes sinful. They didn’t know about kindness and love for their enemies and the almost whole world was pagan. 

However, Jesus preached for all nations and told us about true faith. He taught us how we can get salvation and redemption. He also gifted us eternal life, because, through Jesus’ death and resurrection, humans can be reconciled to God and exist forever in heaven. This can be achieved only by repentance and faith. 

Kingdom of God

One more reason why Jesus came to Earth is to tell us about the Kingdom of God and what we need to be with Him.

Now we know that the Kingdom of God isn’t a physical place and God came to Earth not for politics, but for saving us. We also know that in heaven will be peace, justice, kindness, and love.

Christ told us that heaven is a place where believers will be reunited with loved ones who have died on Earth. We also know that this is a place of eternal life free from sin and suffering, and where all people will have resurrected ideal bodies.

Thanks to Jesus we also know that heaven is both present and future. It is present because Jesus embodies the values and priorities of the Kingdom. At the same time, it’s also future in the sense that the full realization of the Kingdom will not come until the end of time.

The Example of Jesus’ Life

Jesus' Life

Jesus’ life is itself an example of how we should live. Without an example, it would be very hard to realize.

His life was full of love, compassion, wisdom, and self-sacrifice. He spent time with all people no matter if they were poor or rich. He also didn’t care about ethnicity. It shows that all people are equal and we can read about this in Galatians 3:28.

The life of Jesus serves as an example for us not only because He was very kind, but also because He showed an ideal example of service and obedience to God.  

He did all His actions without self-interest. He often experienced humility, compassion, and forgiveness, which are considered among the most important qualities in Christianity.

Christ’s teaching about loving one’s neighbor as oneself, treating others with kindness and respect, and upholding justice show an example of ideal kindness and honesty reflecting God’s love and character.

Jesus also showed us that faith and love can be even during trials, persecution, and suffering. Even during His execution, He felt love for those who executed Him and prayed to God the Father.

That’s why Jesus’ life is an example of how humans should live and treat other people. Christ told us about all aspects of life, for example, He taught His disciples to love their enemies and to forgive one another. His life shows that true greatness can’t be found in power or status but in humble service to others.

Reconciliation And Unity

Jesus also came to earth to bring reconciliation and unity. Jesus always showed the importance of love and reconciliation, both between humans and God, and between humans and each other.

By coming to Earth He opened the faith for all nations so everyone would be united with God and wouldn’t see each other as an enemy. He spoke out against the divisions and inequalities that existed in Jewish society and taught His followers to love and help each other regardless of their background or status.

By His crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus also defeated death and gave us eternal life. Jesus showed us a way to unite with God and live a righteous life. That’s why the coming of Jesus is often seen as a symbol of the unity of the whole world and God.

Final Thoughts

It can be concluded that Jesus came to earth for our salvation. He showed us how we should live by His own example, Jesus also explained to us what paradise and God are.

Thanks to this, we know how we should live our lives, and what priorities should be in them, and it is thanks to Him that we can be with God in heaven.

Christ also showed us how we should treat other people, with love and compassion. He defeated death when He was crucified on the cross, and then rose from the dead. This shows that we can all also be resurrected and go to heaven.


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