The Prophecies of Saint Paisios

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Saint Paisios of Mount Athos was a spiritual elder and monk who lived in mountain Athos in the 20th century. On January 13, 2015, he was canonized and is revered by the Orthodox Church. 

He became famous for his predictions about the future, many of which are about politics, the World War, and the spiritual life of people. In this article, we will learn about the prophecies of the saint.

About The End of Time

The End of Time

Saint Paisios often spoke of the End of Time and told people about the events that will lead up to the Second Coming of Christ.

He predicted that there would be great spiritual deception in the world, with people becoming increasingly deluded and misled by false teachings. He warned that many people would lose their faith and fall away from the truth.

«Soon you will see that there are two parts of people in the city: those who will live a sinful life far from Christ, and the rest who will flow to places of worship. The average state, as it is now, can no longer exist.»

“Today’s situation is that there is a great delusion in the world. People are being deluded and they don’t know where to turn. Even believers are losing their faith. There are very few people left who have a firm stance in the truth. That’s why the world is in such a bad state.”

Thus, he warned about the moral decline of people. In the future, only sinners and righteous people will remain. Since people will stop believing in God and will succumb to false teachings, there will be fewer righteous people than sinners.

The Importance of Spiritual Struggle

Saint Paisios spoke about the importance of the spiritual struggle and the need for people to cultivate their inner lives. He taught that the only way to find true peace and fulfillment was through a deep connection with God.

“The spiritual life is a struggle. It requires effort and discipline. But it is the only way to find true happiness and fulfillment. Without God, we are lost in the world and we will never find true peace.”

The Importance of Prayer

Saint Paisios also talked about the importance of prayer and the need for people to make it a regular part of their lives. He believed that prayer was the key to unlocking the mysteries of the spiritual world and that it had the power to transform people’s lives.

“Prayer is the most powerful force in the world. It has the power to heal, to transform, and to bring us closer to God. We should make prayer a regular part of our lives and never underestimate its importance.”

Through prayer, people can ask God to push back the apocalypse. Our world is based on prayers because the prayer of one righteous man can save all people.

About The Rise of Technology

Saint Paisios also spoke about the rise of technology and its impact on humanity. He warned that technology would become a form of idolatry, with people becoming obsessed with it and losing sight of their spiritual nature. He predicted that technology would eventually lead to a world where people no longer had a connection to nature or each other.

“Technology is progressing at an alarming rate. People are becoming slaves to it. They are becoming more and more distant from nature and their fellow human beings. They are losing their sense of empathy and their ability to connect with others.”

This prediction has already come true. People spend many hours a day on the Internet, the Internet has become their second home. Now communication between people has been much reduced.

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About The Future of Countries

Church of Saint Paisios
Church of Saint Paisios

Saint Paisios had a deep love for his country of Greece and often spoke about its future.

He predicted that Greece would face many challenges in the coming years, but that it would ultimately emerge stronger and more resilient.

«Know that Turkey will fall apart. There will be a war for 2 and a half years. We will be winners because we are Orthodox.- Will we suffer damage in war?- At the most, one or two islands will be occupied, and Constantinople will be given to us.»

Thus, the elder predicts a war with Turkey, in which many countries will participate, as a result of which the former capital of the Byzantine Empire will be given to Greece. The saint also gives a few details about this war

«Europeans are now doing, for the sake of the Turks, independent areas where Muslims live (Bosnia and Herzegovina). However, I see that Turkey will be divided in a noble way: the Kurds and Armenians will rise up, and the Europeans will demand that these people be made independent.

Then they will say to Turkey: we will do you a favor there, now the Kurds and Armenians should similarly gain independence. That’s how “nobly” they will divide Turkey into parts.»

That is, the saint believed that the West would play a role in dividing Turkey, including granting independence to the Kurds and Armenians.

«Constantinople will certainly be taken from the Turks, but it will not be taken by us (Greeks), because the majority of our youth have fallen and are not capable of such a thing.

God will arrange it so that others will take the City and give it to us, and thus solve their problem.»

After that, the saint tells who exactly will help Greece return back Constantinople:

«- Elder, how will we understand that the war is near?”

«When you hear on television the topic of miles, about the lengthening of miles in the sea coast zone, then you will understand that the war is approaching ..»

Paisios even predicted a casus belli that would arise from the division of influence over the sea. Even in recent years, we can see the confrontation between Greece and Turkey over disputed territories in the sea, so this prediction is very close to reality.

«After the provocation of the Turks, the Russians will descend into the straits (Bosphorus and Dardanelles), but not to help us. They will have their own interests, but, unwillingly, they will help us (Greeks). The Turks will protect the straits (Bosphorus and Dardanelles), because they are of strategic importance, and will bring new troops there.

Then other states of Europe – Britain, France, Italy, and six, seven more states will see that Russia is seizing part of the territories, and will say: “Shouldn’t we go there, maybe take some piece of land?” Everyone wants to grab the lion’s share. This is how the Europeans go to war.»

World War

Paisios says that the war won’t end there. Russia will fight with some other countries and will reach Israel.

«Russia will continue the war after the death of Turkey up to the Persian Gulf and stop the troops near Jerusalem. The Western powers will demand that the Russians withdraw their troops from the Middle East within six months.

Russia, however, will not withdraw its forces, and the Western powers will begin to gather troops to attack the Russians. A world war will begin, which will lead to losses… We will watch the massacre. Cities will become slums… We Greeks will not participate in a global war…»

The saint says that Western countries will help Russia and Greece defeat Turkey, but after that, they will try to stop the Russian influence, and this will be a reason for a world war.

However, Paisios ends his prophecy on a positive note. After the war, Greece expects a spiritual revival:

“Greece will go through some difficult times in the future. But it will also experience a great spiritual revival. The Greek people have a deep faith and a strong sense of community. They will come together to overcome any challenges that come their way.”

Signs of A Coming World War

coming world war prophesy

In the summer of 1987, the Elder was asked about a future world war or in other words “Armageddon” which is reported in the Scriptures.

He wanted to tell people certain signs that would convince people that they are in the generation of Armageddon.

“When you hear that the Turks block the waters of the Euphrates in the upper reaches of the dam and use them for irrigation, then know that we have already entered the preparation of that great war and thus the way is being prepared for 200 million troops from sunrise, as Revelation says. The river Euphrates must dry up so that a large army can pass.»

This doesn’t mean that without this it’s impossible to cross the river, but it’s the sign predicted in the Apocalypse that precedes the beginning of a world war.

Times and dates are in the hands of God, but some signs of the end of time are revealed in Holy Scripture. Paisios only supplemented these signs with specific details relevant to our time.

The Prophecies That Came True

The story tells, that one man visited the Elder. At that time, the USSR was very strong and no one could even imagine that it could collapse.

The elder, among other things, said to him: – You will see that soon the USSR will fall apart.

The man answered: – But who will ruin such a strong power? They don’t even dare to touch it!

You will see! – The elder predicted that the USSR would fall apart, and that man would still be alive and see this even though he was already aged.

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Final Thoughts

Paisios predicted many things, some of which have already come true. He was a very wise and sensitive person who could see what the world was moving towards.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that everything depends on a human and God, and these events may not happen if humanity corrects itself.

The Monk Poisios spoke a lot about the upcoming events, not so that we would pay much attention to the expectations of the future, but to put our trust in God, who «wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.» (1 Timothy 2:4)


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