Do Short People Go to Heaven? Learn The Truth!

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The Quick Answer:

Yes, anyone can go to heaven if they repent and put their faith in God and Jesus Christ. It’s not based on our height or any other measure of physical stature. God is interested only in our hearts and what is in them. As the Bible says, “For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7)

Heaven is a very popular topic, especially in our current times, so it’s no surprise that people have all sorts of questions about it. One question that’s been floating around lately is whether or not short people go to heaven.

Today we will explain what the Bible says about this topic and help set the record straight. So, please sit back, relax, and let’s learn together!

What We Know About Heaven.

Do short people go to heaven

In order to answer the question of whether or not short people go to heaven, we must first understand what the Bible says about heaven.

First and foremost, we know that Heaven is a real place. It’s not some figment of our imaginations or a product of wishful thinking. The Bible describes heaven as being God’s dwelling place (Psalm 11:4) and the place where His throne is located (Isaiah 66:1).

We also know that heaven is a very beautiful place. The Bible describes it as a place where the streets are made of pure gold (Revelation 21:21) and where there is no more sorrow or pain (Revelation 21:4).

Another important thing to know about heaven is that it’s a perfect place. This is in contrast to Earth, which is marred by sin and suffering. In heaven, there will be no more sin or suffering.

This means that all human beings who go to heaven will be perfect with no defects, just as God intended us to be.

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Israelites And Their Height.

Average height of Israelites

Now that we know that in Heaven we will all be perfect, it’s important to note what was the average height of the Israelites, since they were the chosen people of God.

The average height of an Israelite man was between 5’5″ and 5’10” (1.65-1.78 m), while the average height of an Israelite woman was between 5’2″ and 5’6″ (1.57-1.68 m).

This height is in the normal range for human beings, which means that the Israelites were of average height. Of course, exceptions always exist and there were probably some Israelites who were shorter or taller than the average.

A great resource for this topic (ColonelHeight) reports that a male over 6’1” (1.85 m) is considered tall, so we can see that the Israelites were not particularly tall people.

Will Short People Go to Heaven?

Do short people go to heaven

So, the question remains, will short people go to heaven?

The answer is yes! Short people will go to heaven just as tall people will. This is because our height does not determine our salvation.

Salvation comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When we accept Him as our Lord and Savior and repent of our sins, we are forgiven and given eternal life. This is available to everyone, no matter their height.

God loves all of His children, no matter how tall or short they may be. So, whether you are tall or short, remember that God loves you and that He has a plan for your life.

Is Being Short A Sin or A Punishment From God?

Christ Jesus and Holy Spirit

Being short is not a sin and it is not a punishment from God. The way every one of us is born is a gift from Him. We are all different and unique in our own way; that is how God wanted us to be.

A great example of this is a story with Elder Paisios, who is a very beloved and respected Saint in the Orthodox Church.

There was a boy named Kostas Melitsos who had a very rare disease that caused him to not be able to walk. His disease was “Paralysis with neurological ataxia” which is a condition where the nervous system is damaged and the muscles don’t work properly.

Kostas was praying always in Panagia (Theotokos) for a miracle to happen so that he could walk again. One day, a rich man came to Mount Athos and offered Kostas to take him to America to the best doctors so that he would be healed.

So, Kostas was filled with hope that his prayers would be answered and he would be able to walk again. The next day he wanted to get a blessing from Saint Paisios to go to America.

When he went to see Saint Paisios, the first thing the Saint did was to sit on his knees and say while patting Kostas’s feet: “Little legs, little legs, these little legs… how many people they will lead to Heaven…”

Then he told him: “My child, my Kostas, stand up so we can take a walk.” Kostas was shocked, not because of what Saint Paisios told him, but because he started to fill his blood warm again in his legs and with the help of Saint Paisios he started to walk!

After walking for short time, they reached again the wheelchair and Paisios helped him sit again down. Kostas felt again his blood freeze and his whole body dead again.

Confused, Kostas was looking at the Saint with his innocent eyes, and Paisios without telling him anything, says:

“My child, we took this walk for you to understand how easy it is for God to make you well, however, with patience and by staying in this position, while glorifying God for His plan, if you only knew how much your soul benefits. Know that you are constantly in Paradise from this life already.

“Do not fall into despair, God has His plan. He knows why He holds you there. Your soul will benefit, your soul will become Holy, and next to you, all these people that help you will win Heaven, have trust in God’s plan.”

“All years here (in this life) are countable, the years there (Paradise) are not countable”

This miracle that happened to Kostas was not only a physical one but also a spiritual one. We can see how God has his plan for all of us, and everything happens for a reason.

Even if we don’t understand why something is happening to us, we should trust in God’s plan and have faith. You can see that Kostas was in a much better position spiritually, even though he was physically disabled.

So, being short is not a sin and it is not a punishment from God. We should be grateful for the way we are born and trust in God’s plan for us.

You can watch the full video with English subtitles below:

Bible Verses About Short People.

In the Bible, there are only two verses that mention short people.

From these two verses, we can see that being short is not a sin. In fact, being short is not even mentioned as a negative trait. We only see that in Leviticus, these were the rules for who could and could not be a priest. And in Luke, we see that being short didn’t stop Zacchaeus from meeting Jesus.

He climbed a sycamore tree so that he could see Jesus (Luke 19:4). So even if you are a short person, don’t let that stop you from meeting Jesus. He is willing to meet you wherever you are and however, you are.

How Can People Go to Heaven?

The Bible and the Church Fathers have a lot to say about how people can go to heaven. Here are some of the most important things that we need to know and follow in our lives if we want to go to heaven despite our height and other physical impairments:

1. Believe in Jesus Christ and that He is the Son of God (John 3:16)

The first and most important thing that we need to do if we want to go to heaven is to believe in Jesus Christ. We need to believe that He is the Son of God who came into this world to save us from our sins.

2. Repent From our Sins (Luke 13:3)

The second thing that we need to do is to repent of our sins. We need to turn away from our sinful ways and start living a life that is pleasing to God.

3. Be Baptized (Mark 16:16)

Baptism is an important part of our Christian faith. It is through baptism that we receive forgiveness of our sins and become children of God.

We are born again through baptism and we receive the Holy Spirit who helps us to live a life as God wants us to live.

4. Live A Life According to God’s Commandments (Matthew 19:17)

Another important thing that we need to do if we want to go to heaven is to live our life according to God’s commandments. We need to follow His will for our lives and not our own.

5. Receive The Mystery of Confession and Forgive Others (Mark 11:25)

In order to go to heaven, we also need to receive the mystery of confession and forgive others. We need to confess our sins to a priest and ask for forgiveness.

Do not be afraid to confess your sins, because God is always ready to forgive us. He wants us to live a life free from sin.

6. Receive The Mystery of the Holy Eucharist (John 6:54)

The Holy Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. It is through receiving the Holy Eucharist that we are able to be in communion with Christ and receive His grace.

7. Persevere Until The End (Matthew 24:13)

The last thing that we need to do if we want to go to heaven is to persevere until the end. We need to never give up on our faith and always keep our hope in Christ.

No matter what happens in this life, we need to remember that there is a better life waiting for us in heaven. So never lose hope and always keep striving to live a life that is pleasing to God.

Although only God knows who will go to heaven, we can be sure that if we follow these things, we will have a good chance of being with Him.

So even if you are short, don’t worry, you can still go to heaven if you follow these things. Just because you are short doesn’t mean that you are excluded from God’s love and grace. He loves all of His children equally and wants us all to be with Him in heaven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do short people go to heaven - FAQs

Who Will Enter Heaven?

Anyone who has repented of their sins and has put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will enter heaven. There is no special physical body type or height requirement for entering heaven.

Does Everyone Get into Heaven?

We can’t know for sure who will and who won’t enter heaven. However, the Bible tells us that if we confess our sins and turn from our wicked ways, God will forgive us and welcome us into His eternal home (1 John 1:9).

The Bible also says that there is a way that leads to destruction and another way that leads to life (Matthew 7:13-14). Those who follow the path of destruction will ultimately end up in hell, while those who follow the path of life will enter into heaven.

So, while we can’t know for sure who will and who won’t enter heaven, we can be certain that those who have confessed their sins and turned from their wicked ways will be forgiven and welcomed into God’s eternal home.

Who Goes to Heaven Alive?

According to the Bible only two people have ever gone to heaven alive, and they are Enoch and Elijah (Genesis 5:24; 2 Kings 2:11).

Everyone else who has ever lived, or will ever live, will die before going to heaven. This includes those who have been saved by God as well as those who have not.

It’s important to mention that Virgin Mary (Theotokos) could have sinned but decided not to. For her role as the “new Eve” her body and soul were assumed into heaven by her Son Jesus Christ.

Note: This is an Orthodox Christian perspective about Theotokos.

What is The Height of Jesus?

The average height of a man in Jesus’ day was 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters). So, if Jesus was a typical man of His day, His height would have been about 5’5”.

Did God Punish Short People?

No, God doesn’t punish short people. In fact, He loves all of His children equally, no matter their height.

While there is no specific mention of short people in the Bible, we do see that God shows His love to all people, regardless of their physical attributes. For example, in the book of Jonah, we see that God had compassion on the people of Nineveh, even though they were evil (Jonah 4:11)

Final Thoughts

When we as humans interpret the Bible, oftentimes we do so through our own cultural lens. This is why it’s important to always seek clarification from the Church Fathers whenever we have questions about the Bible.

With that said, if you are a short person and are wondering if you can enter the kingdom of heaven, the answer is yes! Keep your faith strong and never give up hope, for our heavenly Father loves us all equally and wants us to be with Him in heaven.

God Bless!


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