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At some point in our lives, each of us thinks about religion. If you have chosen Christianity or you are just starting your journey of studying the true faith, then you have opened the right site. 

Here you will find answers to all possible questions, ranging from explanations of various aspects of Christianity to detailed information about the Bible and the history of the Church. 

With the help of our platform, you will understand Christian theology, various Christian practices, and traditions, learn about the lives of saints and the verses of the Bible. 

Our main task is to help you comprehend the correct and true teaching of Christianity so that you can get into the essence of our faith and be amazed by the lives of Christian saints and their deep understanding of God. 

Our experts, who have spent years studying the Christian faith, have devoted their works to creating high-quality content so that you would have the opportunity to learn all the aspects of faith in its entirety. 

Every content on ChristianHow is accurate and verified, so you can be sure that you are learning Christianity with the true sources, including the writings of the Church Fathers and verses from the Bible. 

We create a variety of content, such as articles on all topics and questions that you may have, as well as educational videos (in the future) that you can share with your friends who are also interested in Christianity and its history. 

Our Goal

Our team has a simple and honest goal: to provide you with a safe and trusted platform that will sort out all the topics, and in an accessible but theological manner will explain to you what Christianity is. 

You may ask what is the difference between our platform and other sites. And we can assure you that our content is based on the Bible, the writings of the Church Fathers, Church tradition, and official history.

On our platform, you won’t find any unconfirmed opinions and loose interpretations but will get acquainted with the Church tradition originating from the first century, which has become the meaning of life for millions of people. All information on our platform is the official opinion of the Orthodox Church or facts that we provide based on reliable Church sources.

Together with you, we logically research the essence of each topic, finding the truth supported by authoritative opinions and the Bible.

What We Believe In

Our team consists of Orthodox Christians. The Orthodox Church is quite simply the Church of Christ, which defined the modern Christian faith by Church councils, based on the Holy Scriptures and the consensus of the Church Fathers – our greatest saints and theologians. 

Christ fulfills his mission as God and Man, saving us from sin and death. He was born as a Man, lived on earth, taught the nations, and suffered death on the cross for our salvation.

By His sufferings on the cross and His subsequent resurrection, Jesus Christ defeated death, giving us the opportunity to be saved and inherit eternal life. 

The Body of Christ is The Church

The Orthodox Church has great importance in the Orthodox faith and is considered the Body of Christ. We believe that without the Church it’s impossible to achieve a full understanding of God.

Our Church has Holy traditions and sacraments, such as baptism, communion, anointing, confession, and many others. Through these sacraments, we live a Christian life and connect with God.

Veneration of Saints

We venerate the saints – holy people who have lived exemplary lives of faith and have attained a special place in heaven. The saints are venerated as models of faith. They are alive in Christ and continue to intercede for people before God. We also believe that after death comes resurrection and judgment.

The Church places great importance on tradition and liturgy. The liturgical worship of the Church includes a rich amount of prayers, hymns, and chants.


Orthodox Christianity teaches that the ultimate goal of the Christian life is to achieve theosis, which is the process of becoming united with God or achieving His likeness. This involves a lifelong journey of spiritual growth and transformation through prayer, faith, fasting, and acts of charity.


The Orthodox Church has a rich tradition of iconography, which involves the creation and veneration of Holy images. Icons help us focus on prayer, and we also believe that venerating an icon is the same as venerating the one who is depicted on it.


Orthodoxy has a strong emphasis on asceticism or self-discipline. We use it as a means of spiritual growth and transformation. This includes fasting, prayer, almsgiving, and other forms of self-discipline.

Orthodox Bible

The Orthodox Christian Bible contains 76 books, which include 39 books of the Old Testament and 27 books of the New Testament.

The Orthodox Church considers all of these books to be divinely inspired and authoritative for the life and teaching of the Church.

All these concepts were defined by early Christian theologians at Church councils, and the results of our faith can be seen in the biographies of our saints who have achieved true holiness and nearness to God.

You can learn about the other details of our faith on our platform since each of them is a truth with an interesting biblical and patristic basis. 

There are about 250 million Orthodox Christians in the world, our Church conducts missionary activities on all continents, and thousands of people become part of the Church of Christ every year.

With the help of our content, you will know everything about our faith in the most convenient way. It will be an interesting and useful journey whether you want to be baptized, delve into Orthodoxy, or simply find answers to your questions.

We want to help readers understand the true essence of the faith and gain an appreciation for its saints and teachings. We seek to deepen our relationship with God and to become more faithful followers of Jesus Christ with the help of prayer, faith, the studying of Scripture, and the teachings of the Church.

We warmly invite everyone who is interested in learning more about Orthodox Christianity to join us on this journey of faith and discovery!

Our Team


Charalampos is an Orthodox Christian who wants to help others learn about Christianity. His main goal is to help people understand the Bible and how to apply its teachings in their everyday lives. He also enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports, and hiking.


Fyodor is an Orthodox Christian and the editor of our website. He has a linguistic degree and has devoted himself to the Orthodox Church theology.

A few years ago, he started studying Orthodoxy with the help of the books of Saints John Chrysostom, Gregory the Theologian, and Theophan the Recluse, as well as the modern theological books of Seraphim Rose and Alexei Osipov.

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